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The Best Collection and Recycling Services

We offer the best services dedicated to the management of components of fire systems that are at the end of their life cycle.

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Intelligent Transport System

We have designed special transport baskets. We were able to maximize the load by adopting a simple strategy. The new pallets engineered by Aicon have an iron railing to bring, in a vertical position, the maximum number of fire extinguishers possible. We can carry around 30 per pallet.

Con questa strategia il trasporto e lo stoccaggio sono molto più efficienti.

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Fire Extinguishers Collection​

7 days a week

We know that our customers need a collection service for expired or exhausted fire extinguishers available every day, for this same reason we organize transport every day.

Through our carefully designed system, we guarantee better efficiency in the collection and transport of fire-fighting appliances.

We are the leaders in the recycling of fire extinguishers in Italy and in Europe.

We collect the waste material directly at your warehouses.

Recycling Fire Extinguishers

We make sure your fire protection systems are recycled in the best possible way. We recycle and reuse 100% of your systems in partnership with other companies that are leaders in their sector.

Our products include, among others, fire extinguishers, extinguishing powder, hoses, and electrical and electronic components.

By collecting your products at the end of their lifecycle, we can reuse and convert components into something new.