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Defending the Environment Is a Duty Towards Life.

For us Reuse and Recycling are of utmost importance

"Reduction, Reuse, Recycling, Collection and Recovery"

After 20 years, today more than ever, these five actions should become a mantra, activating an economic model based on these 5 rules and making them become a lifestyle is not simple, but certainly urgent and necessary. The idea was clear right away.
We have recovered, collected and recycled millions of fire extinguishers, sending them for reuse or reusing the materials to produce new products. We have helped reduce the amount of polluting material on our planet.

Recycle the present,
save the future.

Nature amazes and impresses us. Its uniqueness, its diversity and its immense legacy find balance in the continuous transformation.

Respect for all natural phenomena in our habitat is our highest priority in everything we do.

We are committed to a sustainable future.

Optimizing resources and minimizing dispersion is essential for a sustainable future. We know it!

Environmental protection is one of our core values.

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With Aicon Eco you win

We are Eco, we invest our time for a cleaner world. We help people and society also through winning and eco-sustainable sponsorships.

The first sponsor was for the Elan 31 “SANGRIA“, a fierce participant who defeated much more famous teams in the GAVITELLO D’ARGENTO regatta, YC Challenge Trophy, team ranking.

A regatta organized by the Punta Ala Yacht Club.

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