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Our company offers partner companies the possibility of activating, and making stable over time, industrial production in the People’s Republic of China, and guarantees its management and control with its own permanent structure located in Yantai. Partner companies therefore have the possibility to produce directly in China.

Our structure has been operational and rooted in the Chinese market since 1999 and our system maximizes the economic convenience of producing in China, drastically reducing the necessary investments and minimizing the risks associated with industrial differences with Italy.

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Yantai, CINA

How we work

All phases of the initiative are characterized by a continuous and open contact between our Company and the partner company.

All information and data relating to the initiative are exchanged in a complete and continuous manner. The production agreements are based on the strong bargaining power of our Company because it has been present in China for years and because it has a thorough knowledge of the pricing policy and the traditional way of conducting business negotiations of Chinese entrepreneurs.

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