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We Reduce Costs and Time!
We Eliminate Valuable Assets.

Our history

Aicon Industry was born from the far-sighted idea of Silvano Massari in 1999. For over 20 years we have been connecting Europe and Asia with professionalism. Our company also has the ability to offer professional engineering skills that ensure the optimal understanding and utilization of the industrial resources available in China for the development of high quality production and supplies.

Success factors

The success factors that we offer to partner companies touch areas that are important for the development and maintenance of its market. In fact, by moving according to our strategy, evident and interesting results are obtained such as: Producing at very competitive costs immediately without the need to start binding industrial processes, expensive and with a result to be demonstrated (joint ventures, factories in China, etc). Immediately use the production cost differential existing between the two continents with fair methods and in full compliance with Chinese laws.


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