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Green Reverse Logistics

We do our best to help the planet and the customer.

Why choose Aicon ECO?

Over 20 years of experience

We combine the highest quality standards with hard work, dedication and continuous staff development.

100% Circular Recycling

Experience and quality in recovery services.
We transform waste into energy for the people of tomorrow.

"Sit back and relax while we take care of your waste products"


Compliant by Nature

Respect for all natural phenomena in our habitat is our highest priority in everything we do.

a sustainable future

We know what is fundamental for a sustainable future. We optimize resources and minimize waste.

A new philosophy is born in Europe, a new direction that leads to the correct reuse of waste / materials by creating a regime that gives the possibility of reusing certain waste. Disposal has become increasingly important in our society and in our industry in particular. The disposal of products represents a cost, a social responsibility and an entrepreneurial risk. It has become difficult for business owners to be sure they are disposing of properly.

We are ready to establish ideas and solutions to cope with new threats and new opportunities, providing organizational flexibility to comply with all regulations implemented by a rapidly changing regulatory environment. With a 100% “hands-off” approach for our customers, we provide the idea of a “material to material loop” that allows us to convert all our goods into new products and reuse components. By outsourcing your arrangement with us, you will be able to pay more attention to your core activities.

We specialize in the recycling of used, expired or broken fire extinguishers, extinguishing powder, hoses, and electrical and electronic components. We collect the products directly from your warehouses.

A team with experience in transport thinks about the transfer of materials to be recycled.

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